Save Someone’s Skin! Share this TSW Documentary!

          The horrific topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) Brian went through is not taught in medical, pharmacy, or nursing schools, and many clinicians are unaware of TSW or how to treat it. This documentary by a fellow TSW warrior, Briana Banos, sheds some light on the subject. Thank you, Briana!

Whether adult or infant, accurate diagnosis of the skin condition, close monitoring, and appropriate adjustments to treatment are essential to prevent adverse reactions and long-term consequences of topical steroids used for eczema.

          Be an Informed Consumer, and please share this with friends, family, doctors, nurses, pharmacists (students and practicing clinicians), etc. and help save someone’s skin.

TSW Progress Pictures of Infants and Children:

          TSW is a “24/7, 365 days/yr times n years” ordeal involving itching, burning, redness, oozing, pain, measurable shedding skin, hair loss, insomnia, temperature dysregulation, and more–as the body/skin tries to heal. See 3 sets of TSW progression pictures of kids and adults compiled by fellow TSW mama Stephanie Home Apothecary .
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