Topical Steroid Withdrawal in Children

The peer-reviewed, revised version of “A Systematic Review of Topical Steroid Withdrawal in Children Diagnosed with Eczema” replaces my original manuscript submitted to Dove Press Medical in June 2015. My “Response to Reviewers” is published here so you can see reviewers’ comments and my responses and amendments to the paper.

After some revisions in response to reviewers’ comments, they chose not to publish it because they felt “there were no articles to support the inference that topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) can occur in children” (THIS was the point of the paper: there is no research on TSW in children, and research needs to be done because children are suffering), I will publish it here and make it available to the public in the hope that someone will accept the challenge to think outside the topical steroid box and study Red Skin Syndrome/Topical Steroid Addiction and TSW in children. Prevention, early detection, and treatment ARE possible, but the blinders must first be removed.

Keep sharing your pictures and your stories! Keep educating others and save someone’s skin!

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23 months TSW and back to school 2015

You know you’re a TSW-obsessed mama when your child’s 1st-day-of-school pictures look like this:

First day of 7th grade 9/8/15. Have a GREAT year, Brian!

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